Vietnam and Romania established diplomatic relations on 3rd February 1950. Until 1989, it was the relationship between two socialist nations. Romania provided Vietnam with financial assistance (66-million-ruble aid package, 25.5-million-ruble debt cancellation), trained approximately 3,000 Vietnamese officials, and granted long and medium-term loan (200 million ruble) to Vietnam.

    After Romania changed its political institution (December 1989), the two countries continued to foster the traditional relations on the basis of the principles of mutual respect for independence, sovereignty, non-interference in each other's internal affairs, equality and mutual benefit.

    Visits to Romania by Vietnamese officials: National Assembly Chairman Le Quang Dao (April 1991), Deputy Foreign Ministers (May 1993, September 1997 and July 2001), Vice State President Tran Duc Luong (August 1994), National Assembly Vice Chairman Phung Van Tuu (September 1995), Culture and Information Minister Tran Hoan (October 1996), Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Nguyen Manh Cam (December 1998), Minister of Science, Technology and Environment Chu Tuan Nha (September 1999), and Chairman of the National Assembly’s Committee of External Relations Do Van Tai (July 2001).

    Visits to Vietnam by Romanian officials: Foreign Ministers (November 1993, May 1999, and October 2001), Trade Minister (February 1994), Prime Minister N. Vacaroiu (July 1995), President Emil Constantinescu and three Vice-Presidents and also Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Trade, Industry and Commerce respectively (Francophone Summit VII – November 1997), Minister of Environment – Water – Forestry (August 2000), and Chairman of the Senate’s Committee of External Relations (October 2002).

    Romanian President Ion Iliescu paid an official visit to Vietnam from 16-18 February 2002, and his Vietnamese counterpart Tran Duc Luong officially visited Romania from 16-17 October 2003. On this occasion, the two sides signed the Bilateral Agreement on Plant Protection and Quarantine, the Agreement on Veterinary Directorate, two Cooperation Programmes in Science-Technology and Education-Training in 2003-2005 period, and the Cooperation Agreement between the two Commerce and Industry Chambers.

    Since 1990, Vietnam and Romania have inked a number of documents creating a legal framework for further cooperation in the new era. The bilateral trade volume reached over 10 million US dollars in 1995-1999, approximately 20 million in 2000-2002, up to 40 million in 2003 (owing to Vietnam’s purchase of Romanian oil device), 26, 25.6 and 27 million in 2004, 2005 and 2006 respectively (in 2006, of 26 million, 19 million is export and the rest 6 million is import). Moreover, Vietnam finished paying its debt to Romania on 11 March 2002. The two countries has much potential in enhancing the bilateral multifaceted cooperation, the two markets may complement each other (Romania’s strengths lie in oil and gas, petrol chemistry, architecture, construction, healthcare and agricultural production. Romania is in need of tropical products and consumer goods from Vietnam. The 13th session of Vietnam-Romania Joint Committee on Economic and Trade cooperation was held in Hanoi (2-5 December 2002).

    In July 2004, the Chairman of  the Party Central Committee’s Comission for External Relations Nguyen Van Son visited Romania. In September 2006, Vice President Truong My Hoa participated in Francophone Summit XI held in Bucharest and had a meeting with President Basescu on the sideline of the summit. Romania also sent representatives of its association of lawyers and a group of diplomats in charge of Francophone and Sports Committee to Vietnam in August 2004, 10-14 April 2006, and 24-29 September 2006 respectively.

    Annually, Romania grants 3-4 undergraduate scholarships, and up to 10 to Vietnam since 2004-2005 school year. Currently, there are approximately 160 Vietnamese students, researchers and on-the-job trainees in Romania, among those 40 get national overseas scholarship and the rest are self-supporting students. In cooperation with Romania, Vietnam successfully organized “Vietnam Culture Week” in Romania in 12-16 August 2005 with the participation of Deputy Minister of Culture-Information Le Tien Tho and Deputy Minister of Construction Tong Van Nga. Mr. Tong Van Nga is now the chairman of Vietnam-Romania Union of Friendship.

    Romania supports Vietnam’s entry to ECOSOC in 1998-2000 term, to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Commission in November 2006, to the WTO and the UN Security Council Non-permanent membership for 2008-2009 term.

    In turn, Vietnam supports Romania’s access to the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions, the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCIRAL) for 1998-2000 term, UN Commission on Human Rights (9 May 2006), and ECOSOC in 2007-2008 term.

    There are nearly 400 people in the Vietnamese community in Romania. The community fosters a strong solidarity and always looks toward Vietnam – their Motherland.

    Address of Diplomatic Missions:

    Vietnamese Embassy in Romania

    #35, C.A Rosetti St., Sec. 2, Bucarest Rumania

    Tel: (00) (40) (21) 311 0334/ 311 0344

    Fax: (00) (40) (21) 312 1626

    E-mail: vietrom2005@yahoo.com

    Romanian Embassy in Vietnam

    No.5 Le Hong Phong St., Ba Dinh dist., Hanoi

    Tel: (00) (84) (4) 8452014

    Fax: (00) (84) (4) 8430922

    E-mail: romambhan@fpt.vn​​​

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